The exercise form "Nordic Walking" has a lot of enthusiast followers. More and more people are getting to know the taste of the best known type of Nordic Fitness: the concept in order to improve the health by using poles in the wide, open nature. Next to Nordic Walking, Nordic Fitness is also consisting out of Nordic Inline Skating and Nordic Winter fitness.In order to have the best possible return while doing Nordic Fitness Sports, high demands on the basic and advanced education programs are needed.

The high demanding education of head coaches and instructors in Nordic Walking and Nordic Fitness is therefore a priority. INFO 7 is the international corporate organisation tending different national federations. These national federations can benefit from a uniform international education structure, giving the benefit to the end consumer of having a transparent and a uniform qualified class system.

INFO 7 is the biggest international Nordic Walking and Fitness Association when it comes to this transparency and qualified uniformity. Other examples of this are the international certifications of hotels, tourist-regions and retailers.

Further information can be found on the websites of each national federation, as enclosed in this umbrella website.